Amrtmm Packages

AmrTmm has five packages. Each package has its price and individual advantages. When considering using any package, you are encouraged to check each package in order to settle on the best package. The Packages are Diamond, Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Basic. The default package is the Basic Package which most of our clients prefer. However, the other packages are also present and equally important.The basic package is the cheapest on our platform. This package is free of charge. It comes along with brilliant advantages, including an exclusive one-month validity. The monthly validity also adds on twenty-five quotations to send. There is a high probability of earning yourself a gig in the twenty-five quotations. Therefore, if you need to work, consider joining the Basic Package and start earning. A commission of only thirty per cent is charged on your gross earnings, unlike our competitors, whose basic package has a higher commission percentage and is charged.Platinum Package Allows the customer to make up to thirty-five quotations. Of these quotations, it is possible to get several gigs that will increase your earnings by a lot. Therefore, this packages commission is charged at only ten percent of the gross earnings. The package is valid for thirty days and costs AED 50 only. We have the silver and Gold packages as well. The packages cost AED 100 and AED150, respectively. Silver charges a 9% commission, while gold charges you an 8% Commission. Both packages allow for up to 40 quotations and 45 quotations, respectively.The superior Package at AmrTmm is the Diamond Package. This package goes for AED200 and gives the customer 60 quotations. The commission is only a 7% commission, meaning you will have a lot to earn from this package. In addition to that, the package comes with a badge that ensures that you are given first consideration. All our packages are valid for one month. However, we are planning on increasing our duration.